Finch Soren Doerr Has Arrived

We're so happy to announce that our kiddo, Finch Soren Doerr, arrived Wed, March 15th at 12:04am. He is healthy and happy and we are overwhelmed with love for this little guy.

Finch Alone.jpg

We immediately fell in love not only with him, but his cleft lip. I can already see it's going to be sad to see that go. It's already so much a part of him. I get teary just thinking about it.

We also found out that Finch's palate was minimally affected - meaning only his hard palate (the part up front at the tooth line) has a cleft. He'll still need to have surgery for both his lip and palate in the near future. We'll find out more as we move forward. But in the meantime, the thing that I thought I was never going to do, to nurse him, is now possible. And he's taken to it like a champ! It's eliminated one logistical challenge (among the many of early parenthood!) of figuring out both pumping/feeding schedules. Nursing, I know, can be hard for a lot of folks, so I feel lucky that this is one thing that we have working for us. 

Of course things will get more complex when he has to start with all of the devices (We have his first appointment tomorrow, Mon, March 20th, with the cranio-facial team at OHSU and will have a better sense of his timeline), but for now, we're just soaking in every minute with this guy.

We couldn't be happier to have him in our life. 

Elizabeth Doerr