Single Digit Countdown: Nesting

We are officially into single-digit countdown mode until Baby Doerr is due! We are at t-minus 9 days...holy crap. That said, the world seems to think I'll go late, of course. While I believe that, too, I really hope not too late so I'm doing all that I can to get things moving along. I'm quite tired of being pregnant. We are as ready as we'll ever be, so let's bring this little guy on.

Being only 9 days away until the due date, this is likely the last post until kiddos' official arrival announcement, so I thought I'd update you on our nesting. The move is complete, the house is more or less organized, and the nursery is decorated! It's been a crazy couple weeks and I had my fair share of freak-outs wondering if we were going to have any time to enjoy being in our house before the baby arrives. But I think we've made it. And among the most fun part was getting the nursery together. Check it out!

I'm not terribly sure how we arrived at this woodland theme, but I had an immediate attachment to all the cute hedgehog and fox decor out there which brought me to gray and orange. My mom (Nana Doerr? Grandma Doerr? She hasn't decided what she wants to be called yet) made the cute fox curtains and we got great gifts from people with woodland creatures and found the birch and bird wall stickers on Etsy. 

Then we have the random assortment of international thingsaroos in there: the metal tree from Haiti, the banjo made in Malawi by my friend Mr. Jere as a goodbye gift, and the wooden pineapples Aunt Emily and Uncle Kyle got for "Pancake" (his aunts' nickname for him) in Bali on their honeymoon. Oh and can't forget the Baltimore things thanks to our amazing friends from our beloved old home. 

Cory also wanted a picture of each of us in the room. After all, we are his parents. So we hung photos from our 2013 trip back to Malawi and Kenya. Very fitting with the international theme. Somehow it seemed to pull together.

That said, it was really fun to decorate kiddos' little space. While I gather he likely won't be sleeping there for awhile, it's fun to picture him in there someday. 

Now, Cory and I are going to spend the next 9+ days (hopefully) just enjoying our new space and taking advantage of our last days as a family of two.

We can't wait to welcome our little dude. Stay tuned!

Elizabeth Doerr